Criteria Overview

1847 Holdings, LLC is seeking to invest its capital in large, well-managed and consistently profitable businesses concentrated primarily in the United States industrial and commercial marketplace.

General Investment Criteria

  • Business consistenly producing pre-tax income of $25–$75 million
  • Sustainable competitive advantage that can be maintained long-term
  • Proven management teams with the ability to operate with relative autonomy
  • Industry agnostic


  • Signature must own 80.1% or more of a business
  • Flexible approach with seller on deal consideration, including potentially using Signature common stock

Target Situations

  • High-margin businesses with low ongoing capital expenditure needs
  • Businesses with modest to low growth; consistency is more important
  • Industries or sectors where Signature can serve as a platform for growth via additional acquistions/consolidation
  • Legacy private equity or hedge fund holding seeking an exit
  • Family businesses
  • Companies with limited or declining tax deductions
  • Carve-outs of non-core divisions of larger enterprises