1847 has strong corporate governance guidelines, including those set forth in the Company's Audit Committee Charter and Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers. More detailed information about these documents and the Company's Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking on the Governance Documents on the navigation section on the left side of this page.

1847’s policy on Treatment of Employees and Contractor Complaints Regarding Accounting and Auditing Matters and financial concern hotline provides individuals with a mechanism by which concerns over financial accounting or audit matters can be reported in a confidential and anonymous manner and adequately addressed. This hotline can be reached by telephone at 213-596-1909.

Director Independence

Signature's Board of Directors is comprised of a majority of independent directors. The Board has appointed only independent non-employee directors to all of its Committees. For a director to be considered independent, the Board must determine that the director does not have any direct or indirect material relationship with the Company, and conforms to the independence requirements in the New York Stock Exchange's listed company rules. In making an independence determination, the Board will consider all relevant facts and circumstances. The Board has determined that directors Bynoe, Lamb, Maheshwari and Tinkler satisfy the applicable Securities and Exchange Commission independence requirements.

Members of the Audit Committee must also satisfy an additional Securities and Exchange Commission independence requirement, which provides that they may not accept directly or indirectly any consulting, advisory or other compensatory fee from Signature or any of its subsidiaries other than their directors' compensation, or otherwise be an "affiliated person" of the Company. The Board has determined that all members of the Audit Committee satisfy the applicable Securities and Exchange Commission independence requirements.

Contact the Board

Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with the Board of Directors or Board committee members by writing to the following address:

Board of Directors 
c/o Corporate Secretary
Signature Group Holdings, Inc.
15301 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Please specify to whom your correspondence should be directed. The Corporate Secretary will promptly forward all correspondence, except for junk mail, mass mailings, job inquiries, surveys, business solicitations or advertisements, or potentially offensive or otherwise inappropriate material. Signature's Corporate Secretary may forward certain correspondence, such as product-related inquiries, elsewhere within the Company for review and possible response.